A True Artisan Perfume House

Dark Romantic Unconventional.

  • Niche Artisan Perfumery

    Mythologia create tiny,

    carefully crafted batches of Eau de Parfum in our atelier in Shoreditch, London. Everything is created in-house, often late into the night, with the perfume 'soundtracks' echoing through the building. From the initial ideas, writing narratives, creating formulas and artwork, curating playlists as well as making and bottling perfumes, we love what we do. Distilling that passion into each bottle of perfume is central to the Mythologia ethos.

  • The tale behind each Perfume

    Each Eau de Parfum takes inspiration from moments in time, people, places or objects that more often than not, have had a mythology created around them.

    An idea, a memory or a combination of both is written into a narrative. Olfactory

    and musical notes are then matched and added to the overall 'sketch.' It can be a long process of balancing each element until they

    feel harmonious.

  • Mythologia Playlists

    Each Mythologia Eau de Parfum has a carefully curated playlist - a 'soundtrack' for each perfume. You will find them on Spotify. These are replicas of the scent in music

    form. The playlists often

    appear in the narrative. Sometimes they begin

    where the tale ends, to help you imagine what might happen next. The character and notes of each element, are matched to help enhance your online interpretation of each scent. We hope you

    love each playlist for

    its own sake too!

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