Collection: Eau de Parfum

Mythologia perfumes are made with the finest high grade materials. All design, bottling and packaging is done by hand in tiny batches.

Our perfume bottles are unique; little works of art in themselves; with the distinctive  Mythologia eyes looking out on one side, and text on the other. All perfumes across the collection share an elemental style, but what sets the labels apart, is a distinct characteristic for each different perfume; a visual interpretation of the scent within. 

We follow IFRA guidelines and like all perfumes sold in the EU, the materials used to make our perfumes are never tested on animals; they are also vegan. Synthetic versions of traditional animalic ingredients such as musk, civet, leather and ambergris are used. We use both synthetic and natural materials which means we have access to the best of both olfactory worlds.  Natural materials such as flower, resin and leaf absolutes add the 'stardust' that often just cannot be found elsewhere.  Mythologia want you to wear what you love; absurd rules are not our style, and so all perfumes are genderless. 

You can read about Mythologia's first two Eau de Parfums; 'Ghost of You,' and 'Siren,' by clicking the perfume bottle images below.  All Mythologia Eau de Parfum is 50ml, but we do have small sample sets.  More perfumes are waiting in the wings for later in the year.