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Siren Eau de Parfum 50ml

Siren Eau de Parfum 50ml

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Come to the exquisite dark side...

Beautiful, seductive and deadly; the sirens of the Odyssey drew ships ever closer to their perilous rocks. Unable to resist, sailors were drawn to their deaths, bewitched by the Sirens' haunting melodies and narcotic otherworldly song. Siren is inspired by those enchanting but treacherous mermaids of ancient times.

Read the tale 'The Song of the Siren,' below. It inspired the perfume, which was imagined while on a boat looking up at the starry sky.  Contemplate the images. The 'Siren' playlist continues the story after the written narrative finishes; when you make your way back to the boat and lie looking at the stars...By translating the music, you will understand what happens next...


Song to the Siren

It is mid-summer, early evening. The boat is anchored in the bay of Naples. This long awaited trip has been a riot of excess, but tonight you rest. Your friends have built a bonfire on the beach, and they beckon you to come ashore and join them.  Scent from peaches bought at market that morning and now ripening on the bow, mingles with the scent of heady flowers growing wild on the nearby rocks. The evening ahead approaches.

Music interrupts your thoughts and you look in its direction. There is singing; beautiful haunting voices. As you look towards the rocks, you hear a splash and you catch a silvery glimpse of someone or something dive into the sea. They surface near the boat. You lock eyes with the most beautiful otherworldly being. The music is all around now; hypnotic narcotic siren song. Time is suspended...

Voices from the beach break the spell. The song is no more and you are once again alone. Your friends' laughter echoes across the bay, drawing you back to the real world. You clamber over the rocks, which are still warm from the scorching afternoon sun, and make your way to your friends.

Much later, but for the crickets and lapping waves, you return in silence, alone to the boat. At 3am  you lie under the brilliance of the stars, still awake,  longing to hear, once more, the song of the Siren...


Mythologia's glass bottles are from Pochpac. They are made by Pochet du Courval whose origins go back 400 years. They are renowned for producing bottles for the world’s most iconic perfume brands.

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50ml bottles - 12.5cm x 4.5cm x 2cm

1.7ml samples - 4.75cm tall 1.07 cm diameter

Tips, Storage and Care

Apply Mythologia Eau de Parfum liberally, listening to the corresponding Mythologia playlist on Spotify and immerse yourself in the world of your chosen perfume.

Display the bottle somewhere beautiful and enjoy. Store perfumes away from sunlight, extreme temperatures and humidity.

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